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Bring Books Save Lives to Your Community

Do you have a community you would like to join our literacy revolution? Contact us today to begin the process , access our proposal documents, get training in the VISCERAL Method, or receive one-on-one training from Daphne Russell to make an impact in your community!

Become a Revolutionary

Contact us to learn about exciting and meaningful opportunities to make a true difference in your community and join in the BSL Revolution! Whatever your skill level or time commitment, BSL can use your talents to make a lasting impact in your community, around the country, and even the world. Our movement continues to grow by the day, and with your help we can expand our reach and open doors for everyone!


Every penny makes a difference! No matter your financial situation, your monetary, tax deductible donation will help us seed reading libraries of books for readers of all ages and all levels of it will also help. Visit our Donate page to read more about where your donation dollars go! 

Spread The Word

Shop our store for gear that gets people talking and affordable you the opportunity to engage in conversation about the life-changing power of books and the BSL Revolution! All profits go directly to our BSL fund to cover costs of materials, travel, and marketing. 


Feel free to reach out with any questions or ideas. We need you. Every one of us is a weapon in the fight against illiteracy. 

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