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Meet Daphne Russell, the erudite founder and director of Books Save Lives, a remarkable nonprofit dedicated to spreading the transformative power of reading. With her method of connecting students with books that truly resonate with their hearts, Daphne helps young minds break barriers, conquer trauma, and discover the joy of reading.

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The Gap Minders

In this absolutely eye-opening episode, Nancy and Jose are joined in studio by Daphne Russell, a 28 year former teacher and author of the 2018 book "Read or Die" as well as the Founder and Director of Book Save Lives. Having failed at retirement, Daphne is completely focused on building a model to take any student to a promising future by way of reading! Her view is that it is easy to turn any student into a successful reader by giving them agency, autonomy - and the RIGHT books!  

Driven by a customer service mindset (with the student as the customer), combined with the right books, Daphne believes we can get all students to self-actualize by reading, if and only if we stop forcing the same book on all students with varied interests and reading capacity. 

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